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Portrait of Paul Mayhew Archer MBE, 2021

Oil on linen, 30 x 30cm. Painted by Rebecca in 2021.

Review of Rebecca's portrait by Paul Mayhew Archer (shared with his permission);

"Although there's a strong sense of fun and cheekiness, there's also a desperation; a determination to smile rather than one that comes that comes effortlessly. And although I'm looking directly at the viewer, keen to communicate, my lips are firmly shut. All of which is symbolic of my Parkinson's because the condition often takes away the voice and does indeed imprison us within ourselves.

So although neither you nor I set out to end up with a portrait of "man with Parkinson's", it is actually an astonishingly vivid picture of my inner battle with the damn thing. It's utterly, utterly astonishing.


Paul Mayhew Archer is the multi-award winning co-writer of the BBC's 'Vicar of Dibley' and 'Esiotrot'. He now suffers from Parkinson's and is determined to make people see the lighter side of the disease. He is currently touring with his award-winning show, 'Parkinson's: the funny side.'


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