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Solo Exhibition

28 November - 3 December 2022


10am - 5pm Monday-Saturday

I AM A LONDONER. At least, I have lived in London for over fifteen years, so I think that makes me one.

For a brief period, between 2011 and 2017, I lived in Asia. Returning to London after six years of living abroad made me look at the city differently. Yes, I appreciated the fantastic history, beautiful architecture, plethora of museums, theatres and stunning art galleries. But I also noticed the smaller nuances in everyday London life that I’d previously missed, or simply taken for granted.

London acts as a magnet attracting people with a vast range of different stories and backgrounds. However, when we live here, we cannot help but share experiences in our everyday life. Perhaps it is the sharing of the mundane; a travel routine; a regular cup of coffee, or dealing with the different London weather that bonds us to each other.

'Returning to London' highlights the importance of the humdrum, celebrating a snapshot of the every day: as a portrait painter, I capture Londoners on their local commute, and the all-time favourite British gossip topic; the weather!

The final preparation before the show opens 28/11/22

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